Sunday, March 2, 2008

So I Lied

I know I said I would post on Wednesday, but Wednesday was not a good day (neither was Thursday or Friday). I had plans to post tonight, but my camera battery is charging! I will post tomorrow.

I do not have a lot to show. I have a club meeting coming up on Friday and Saturday so I have been working on cards for club (and do not want to post those until we get closer). Plus, I am in charge of the Vacation Bible School Preschoolers again and I have been working out kinks in the program so it runs a lot better this year. I will post those fun crafts when I get those done, this year the theme is all on Science (which is a challenge for me, but I have great help).

Anyone want to read my Cultural Anthropology book for me? Yeah I don't want to read it either, but I guess I better if I want to pass the class.

Look for some cards tomorrow. My battery is charging right now.

Have a good week!!!

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