Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Is it Friday Yet? Agh, it's only Wednesday!!!

Last night I spent the night in the emergency room at Children's in Minneapolis with my sister and her son Josh. He is six and woke up yesterday not able to walk. She did take him into the local hospital here (which is a joke) and they said they were leaning towards leukemia, but then sent her home with no other explinations (after a ton of tests that they claimed leaned towards leukemia). Everything is fine with him, thanks to Children's putting our minds at ease. He has a viral infection that settles into the joints and muscles. It is more common in boys than girls and comes on fast. A child in my daycare had this same thing just last month so when the doctor started talking about it I knew right away where he was headed with it. Now I would like to know how one hospital comes up with a leukemia diagnosis and the other one just a viral infection. I guess that is what a second opinion is for!!!!

I was hopping to get some stamping in last night since I am "caught up" with school. I guess caught up would not be the right words, I was comfortable that I could take a night off and not feel stressed out about it afterward. Today I am tired and have to continue on my school path. I am thinking no stamping tonight, just reading my Cultural Anthropology book (which will probably put me to sleep). I do however have a few cards left over from last weekend that I can show off. Some of my creations from last weekend are for club next weekend (March 7 or 8th) so I will hold off showing those until we get closer

To top off my semi bad mood, it is snowing outside. I am ready for spring and do not want to repeat last March (we received several feet of snow in the first week of March). I am ready for warmer weather and green grass. Winter is getting old

I will share a card later when the kids are napping here. Until then, have a good day!

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