Friday, March 21, 2008

March Snow

I knew that we were getting snow today. I knew that we could be in for a lot of snow, yet it is still depressing this late in March. I do find joy in the spring snow when it sticks to the trees. When I looked out the window this morning and our trees had snow stuck to them I knew I had to get some pictures to remind me that there is beauty in the snow (especially when I do not have to drive in it). Sorry that the picture is so dark, I took it close to 7:00 this morning, before it warmed up enough to melt it away.

It is now close to two and the snow is still falling, just a light mist to cloud the air. The air is warm enough so the snow is not sticking to the roads anymore and for that matter it is not sticking to my trees either. Across the county road the neighbors pine trees are still flocked and a joy to look at (I am looking for anything to keep me excited about the snow).

Andrew is excited that we will have snow on the ground for Easter. Here is his thinking, if there is snow on the ground he will be able to see the bunny's tracks as he comes and goes. That way when we get home from Church on Sunday he will be able to tell right away if the bunny has been here just by looking for his tracks. Oh the mind of a six year old. I on the other hand would rather have the snow gone and have it be warm enough for an outside Easter Egg hunt. Yeah we can do it in the snow, but I am not getting the kids all dressed up in their snow attire finest just to run around for eggs (that will be messy and wet in the end).

I will post cards later. I really want to stamp tonight since we have a busy weekend ahead of us. One more picture before I leave though, here is Andrew's snowman from Monday's snowfall. He was upset that his "Frosty" was all melted by Tuesday when he got home from school.

Have a good Easter weekend everyone. Stay safe in the snow.

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