Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter - Our Egg Creations

I will have cards to share tomorrow. Today I am sharing something else that is SU! inspired. We went to dye our eggs last night (after shoveling snow for three hours at Church). I realized that the dye packet that I had purchased was missing the dye. Now I was not in the mood to drive anywhere to purchase a new kit so I grabbed my reinkers and went to town. I tried reinkers in bowls, but the eggs were not as vibrant as what I wanted so I decided to do it the no drip way. I grabbed a few cello bags and we tye dyed our eggs.

I LOVE the bright colors. We started with the lighter colors and then put the egg in a cello bag that had a darker color in it. Once the egg was in the cello bag we lightly squeezed the cello bag getting some of the ink on the eggs. I loved the way it turned out. What a fun night exploring our egg creations. It was had this morning when Andrew wanted a hard boiled egg and we had to choose which one to crack and eat.

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